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About Partica

Partica is a new disruptive syndication and licensing platform from Realview designed to supply your quality evergreen articles to a massive growing global network of small to medium sized businesses who need articles for their own marketing purposes.

Why has Partica been created?

At Realview, we believe that the current content syndication model – licensing content for re-use (not content scraping and linking) is shrouded in mystery, antiquated, slow, restrictive and expensive. We have set out to change that by making content readily available, with minimum restrictions at an affordable price.

What sort of content is in Partica?

Partica contains well written, fact-checked articles sourced from around the world from magazines, newspapers and qualified writers. We do not accept poorly written content or content that has been written purely to satisfy SEO requirements.

How can I learn more about Partica?

You can read more by clicking here to read our FAQ