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Partica represents an opportunity for publishers and writers to generate a new incremental income from content that has already been written.

For publishers

For publishers, Partica sets out to redefine how content syndication works in the digital world by opening up your content for immediate browsing and purchase, at the same time making the licensing open and easier to understand. With technology to quickly extract content from past PDFs, articles trapped in print can start a new digital life. 

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For writers and bloggers

For writers, Partica is an opportunity to get all works past and present into a central secure location where you can then determine what content you want to place into the marketplace. Partica keeps a record of what content you have sold to who and under which license. 

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For partners

Anyone can earn a great income by referring customers to Partica. You don’t need to be a publisher or writer, all you need is a link from us and you are ready to start earning money. Partners enjoy generous commissions on all content purchased through a referral for up to twelve months after the initial introduction.