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Publishers frequently asked questions about selling articles


Here are the publishers frequently asked questions about selling articles in the Partica Content Marketplace:

What is Partica?

Partica is a new Content Marketplace from Realview designed to supply your quality evergreen articles to publishers, marketers, and small to medium-sized businesses, who need articles for their own purposes. Think of Partica as a stock image library, only for articles.

Why has Partica been created?

At Realview, we believe that the current content syndication model – licensing content for re-use (not content scraping and linking) is shrouded in mystery, antiquated, slow, restrictive and expensive. We have set out to change that by making content readily available, with minimum restrictions at an affordable price.

What sort of content is in Partica?

Partica contains well written, fact checked articles sourced around the world from magazines, newspapers and qualified writers. We do not accept poorly written content or content that has been written purely to satisfy SEO requirements.

Who is going to buy my content?

Publishers, marketers, researchers and a growing global network of small and medium sized businesses are all looking for content. Once your content is in Partica, anyone who needs content can select articles for purchase.

How will the content be used?

Primarily the content will be syndicated between publishers or re-purposed for use in marketing, training and for other business uses. Our target market is small to medium sized businesses who need material for their website, blog, emails, newsletters and brochures.

How do I supply my content?

You can supply content as PDFs and we will extract the articles for you. You can enter your articles directly into our web based dashboard, or you can give us permission to extract your content from a web or blog site. If you have content in other documents or in your CMS, contact us to see how we can help.

Do I need to change or review my content?

You may want to go through your content and modify it or update it but it is not a requirement as depending on the license type the person licensing your content will be able to adapt it to their own needs. As part of the ingestion process, we will clean up your content such as removing references to page numbers if the article is coming from a print PDF.

You may need to review the content to make sure you own the rights to license it through Partica. You also have the option to add keywords or tags to your content – although our artificial intelligence software will scan and categorise your content for you.

Earning and payments

How much will my articles sell for?

With the rise of writer marketplaces the home of questionable, shallow copy aimed at web bots, content is becoming cheaper. It’s no wonder that time-poor business owners who are looking for content find themselves paying to get content written, instead of buying well researched, thoughtful content – until now.

There are a lot of factors that determine the price for an article, but articles will be priced between $30 and $750, with the majority below $100. Keeping the quality high and prices low drives a high demand and a good revenue stream from your content.

How is my share of the revenue calculated?

You can earn up to 60% depending on how active you become in the sales process.

Can I determine the price for my articles?

Yes, you can determine how much each of your articles are sold for. Of course, long-form articles will be priced higher than short form and there are other factors (such as the number of images or downstream payments you may need to make) that will determine how you price your content.

How much will I make?

This is a passive income for your business. Because you are not selling your articles exclusively, your content will be sold over and over to different businesses in different markets around the world. The more content you have in Partica the more you could potentially make.

How and when will I get paid?

Each month we will send your share of revenue generated from the sale of your articles sold in the previous month, into a nominated bank account.

How are you promoting my content?

Realview will be promoting Partica to SMEs through a combination of inbound and outbound marketing activities, key partnerships and an affiliate programme.

Do you accept news style articles?

Our focus for the launch of Partica is on well written, fact-checked, evergreen articles sourced around the world from magazines, newspapers and published writers.  We will be considering news style articles in the future.

Do you offer a white label service?

We will be offering a white label service, please contact Realview on +61 2 9299 1788 for further details.

Can I set up my own portal?

Yes, if you have a strong market for a particular type of content, then you could be eligible to set up a branded Partica portal. Please contact Realview on +61 2 9299 1788 for further details.

Is there a minimum commitment?

Yes, there is a minimum commitment of 12 months. This will give us time to ingest, clean up, promote and sell your content.

Copyright and attribution

How will my content be licensed?

Your ownership and copyright is protected when you use Partica. When someone buys your content, they are actually buying a licence to use your content, not the rights to the original content. There is a single license for the launch of the marketplace, but our aim is to have multiple licenses depending on any restrictions you may want to have – you will be able to assign different licences to each piece of content.

Will I be attributed?

With the initial Partica license there is no requirement for the purchaser to provide an attribution. Businesses are licensing your content to build their authority on a particular subject matter to their audience. This is not to say that your attribution will be removed, and if you require an attribution, you can add that to the license restrictions (see licensing below).

What if I don’t know or can’t find the writer of an article?

You can still submit content for sale in Partica, even if the original writer is unknown or you can no longer find them.

Do I have to pay the writer?

This will depend on what prior arrangement or agreement you have in place with the writer.

Will this impact my SEO?

We recommend “no-follow” and “no-index” tags are added to the story if it is used online, although we can’t enforce that. In some instances articles that are re-published online may have canonical links back to the original story. There is an expectation that the content will be changed in some way to suit the purchasers’ intentions, such as adding their comments at the start or including some e-commerce information. In these cases there is enough of a change for search engines to see the modified articles as original content. If articles are being extracted from PDF then there is a possibility that the article has never appeared online before.


How does licensing work?

You decide which content is available for syndication, the price and the license type. Most content is available under the Partica license.

What is the Partica License?

The Partica license allows changes to your content and does not require attribution. There is no time limit or restrictions on how the article will be used – it may be used for commercial purposes, online, in print, in an email or as a social media post.

Can I change the license?

Yes, you will be able to change or add restrictions to the license, but that may affect how many people license your content and the price you can license it for. You can require minimal changes; enforce attribution; and require a link back to the original content. Remember though, that businesses are purchasing a license to project authority on a particular subject, and to keep readers on their site, not link them away.

How do I know who has licensed my content?

The Partica Dashboard will list the details of who purchased your content, including which article, the time and date and how much was paid.

Will you track how my content performs?

Each time someone buys your content, Partica records that transaction so that you have a record of all purchases. Of course, remember they are only getting a licence to use your content, not buying the content itself.

Dashboard and management

How do I upload my content?

All you need to do is share your PDFs with us, and we take care of everything else. Once we have extracted all of your content and prepared it for sale, we will give you a report of the articles that have been selected. Alternatively, you can enter new articles directly into the Partica Dashboard.

Can I remove content from the marketplace?

You can add or remove content from the Partica content marketplace at any time, however, you can’t recall content that has been purchased and published elsewhere.

Can I also buy content?

Yes, as a user of Partica, you can download articles from the marketplace for use in your own publications or for marketing purposes.

What else can I do once my content is in Partica?

At the heart of Partica is a modern digital publishing platform. Every PDF issue of your magazine or newspaper that you upload into Partica will automatically be converted into a searchable flipbook archive. You can use this resource for your own commercial use, Realview also has a subscription capability if you wanted to generate revenue from subscribers or encourage readers to become subscribers to your magazine by offering the digital archive.

By engaging with Partica, we will effectively convert your static PDFs into HTML articles that you can then use for your own repurposing. Content that was otherwise locked in a PDF, can now take on a new digital life. Using Partica it is simple to create new mini websites of specific content or push content out into your website or social media channels.

What Do I Have To Do To Get Started?

Once you have confirmed you want to license your content through Partica, we will send you a step by step guide on how to come on board. Simply reply to the email we have sent and we will help you with your content.