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Sell your articles in the Partica Content Marketplace

Partica is a content marketplace from Realview designed to supply your quality evergreen articles to publishers, marketers, and small to medium-sized businesses who need articles.  Publishers earn more revenue from articles – not selling back issues, but by extracting content from those back issues so old articles can start a new digital life.

Think of Partica as a stock image library for articles.

Businesses that need content search for articles in the marketplace and pay to use them under license before downloading. You will get paid each and every time your content is purchased – the more you make available the more can be downloaded and the more you get paid. This is an ongoing, recurring income from your content – like royalty payments for your articles.

As a publisher, we know you are always looking for new revenue streams. Partica presents an opportunity to sell your content at no risk or expense, with little effort required from you. All we need is access to your archive material from either your print ready PDFs, your website or your CMS. We take care of the extracting, production and curation of the articles, as well as the management, licensing, sales and marketing.

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No cost or risk to you

There is no cost to get started, only potential revenue. You are not assigning ownership either, you are simply licensing others to use your content. You retain all ownership and copyright in your original material.

All you need to do is warrant that you own the copyright of the content and images for your content, and we do the rest. If your content is in PDF’s then we will extract the articles for you at no cost; if your articles are online in a blog, we can import them. 

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