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Make money with Partica

Get discounts on articles and ongoing payments from referrals.

Become a Partica partner

As a Partica partner, there are both savings and revenue opportunities.

Use the evergreen library as your source of articles for your clients, editing and on selling them.

Recommend the article library to your clients and earn ongoing revenue from every article purchase.

Slash article production time by 90%

Sourcing articles from Partica is a great way to streamline your content production for clients. No creating briefs, waiting on writers, sending back edits. Simply search the library, download, edit to your clients brand and add your own marketing message and you are ready to go.

Partica gives you 24/7 instant access to thousands of high-quality royalty-free articles you can download, edit and post whenever and however, you like for you or your client’s content marketing.

  • Get a lifetime discount on articles you purchase for yourself or your clients
  • Edit, format and deliver Partica content with your own margin to make profit
  • Provide your clients with a proven way for them to source and use quality content for their content marketing
  • Multiply your revenue from past, present and future customers with minimal effort or writing skill required, supplying content writing to your clients using Partica articles
  • Solve your clients content marketing problems
  • Slash you and your clients content marketing planning, writing and organisation time in half
  • Become more valuable to your clients for the long term
  • Stand out from the competition
  • And convert more proposals and enquiries into customers by being able to provide the content writing services yourself.

Generate new revenue by referring clients to Partica

If some of your clients prefer to source and edit their own content, you can still generate new income by introducing them to Partica.

When you introduce past, present and future clients to the Partica content library, you will earn 20% commission on every article they purchase over the next 12 months!

It’s a great way to multiply your sales & profits and give your clients access to thousands of professionally written articles for their content marketing with no membership or monthly fees required.

Becoming a partner is easy – click on the button to sign up:

What you get with the Partica partner program

  • Lifetime discount on your own article purchases
  • 20% ongoing commission on article sales
  • Easy copy and paste HTML referral code
  • Monthly payments direct to bank account
  • Free Partica articles and resources to help you sell more content