Make money on every article purchase for 12 months

When you introduce past, present and future clients to the Partica content library, you will earn 20% commission on every article they purchase over the next 12 months!

It’s a great way to multiply your services, sales & profits and give your clients access to thousands of professionally written articles for their content marketing with no membership or monthly fees required.

Becoming an affiliate is easy – if you don’t already have a Partica account, click on the button to sign up:

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How it works

As an affiliate partner you will receive a referrer link and logo to insert on your website and in your emails.

When someone clicks the logo or link with your code on it and creates an account, their account will be tagged with your unique affiliate code. These customers are then tracked for 12 months and you will get paid a 20% commission on any purchases they make during that time.

When will I get paid?

You will get paid every month, in the first week after the end of the month. We use Hyperwallet, a PayPal company to transfer the payments. When your money arrives in your Hyperwallet account, you can have it automatically transferred into your preferred bank account, or even take it out as cash at your local Western Union branch!