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How to search for pre-written articles

Searching for articles

Here is a guide on how to search for pre-written articles in the Partica Content Marketplace.

If you enter multiple keywords in a search, articles that contain any of the keywords will be returned.

If you don’t enter any keywords, all articles will be returned.


volcano beach
will return all articles that contain volcano OR beach.

volcano AND beach
Will return articles that contain both the words volcano and beach. You can also use + notation to perform the same: +volcano +beach

volcano NOT Hawaii
Will return articles that contain the word volcano but not the word Hawaii.

“live volcano”
Will return articles that contain the exact phrase live volcano
Note that boolean operators like AND and NOT need to be in capital letters.

You can use * as a wildcard – for example: book* 
will return bookmark, bookshelf, booking etc.

Refining your search

The search is performed on the title, abstract, subtitle, contributors and body of the articles.

Articles that have your search terms in the title, subtitle or abstract rank higher. Results are returned in order of relevance unless you do not specify any keywords at all, in which case they are ordered by latest.

Once you have performed a search, you can refine the results by clicking the options in the refine sidebar.

You can refine by category, keyword, price and word count.

Click on the selection again to clear the refinement.

Browsing articles

Clicking on the article image or headline will open the article for reading. The complete article is available to read before purchase. 

All images that are included with the article are displayed in a carousel at the top of the article. These images vary in size (file size and dimensions) depending on where the article was sourced from. If the article was from a print magazine, then typically the images supplied with the article will be high resolution.

You can use your shopping cart to save articles you are interested in. You will have the opportunity to review all articles in your cart before you buy.

Downloading articles

Once you have purchased articles they will be available immediately in ‘My Articles’.

You can copy the plain text or HTML to the clipboard so you can easily paste the text into your website, email or any new medium.

You also have the option to download the entire article as a zip file. When you download the zip file inside is:

  • Plain text version of the article
  • HTML version of the article
  • Original high-resolution images
  • 1200px wide images