Starter packages and subscriptions

Packages and subscriptions get you into content marketing even quicker.

Content Packages

Our content packs are made up of pre-selected articles on a variety of topic areas that you can purchase to get you started when launching a new business, website, blog, email service or if you are thinking of investing in content marketing for the first time.

You can purchase a pre-prepared starter pack for you to use immediately or request a tailored pack which is designed to meet your specific needs.

get your content ready


Our Curated Subscription Lists deliver articles to you on a monthly basis. Select from 100s of curated topics to receive articles picked from our expert curators.

Our team of curators search Partica’s growing Content Marketplace each month for relevant and timely articles that are packaged into preselected topics such as Adventure Travel, Luxury Travel, Regional Travel etc.

The articles are sent to direct your mailbox, ready for you to download, adapt and publish as needed.