A guide to the Copyright of pre-written Articles

At Partica we are serious about copyright, writers rights and licensing – after all this is what the Partica platform is for. 

If you feel someone has infringed your copyright, moral rights or breached a license, then we are here to help. Here is a guide to the Copyright of pre-written articles, and what to do if you feel someone is in breach of your copyright.

What you need to do

If you have a dispute, then you must contact us at with the following information:

  • Your name
  • A description of the material in question
  • A location of the material
  • Reasons why you feel there is an infringement

What we will do

Upon receipt of your notification, we will investigate and take the following action:

  • Remove the infringing material from the Partica Content Marketplace, within one working day
  • Notify the rights holder within three working days that the infringement notice has been received and is being investigated
  • If the infringing material cannot be removed, access to it will be blocked, or the user’s access disabled, within five working days

Upon completion of the above action, we will then:

  • Contact the user with a copy of the copyright infringement claim
  • Provide the user with a notice stating the material has been removed or access has been disabled and an explanation of the grounds for this action
  • Provide the user with information on how to issue a counter-notice within the designated 3 month period

If the user disputes the infringement claim, then, Realview will:

  • Review documentation supporting the counterclaim that the material in the Partica Content Marketplace is not infringing
  • Determine whether there are grounds to support the counterclaim
  • Contact the rights-holder or their representative about the counterclaim
  • Enter a period of liaison to resolve the issue.

If there is no clear resolution to the dispute the content will be removed permanently from the Partica Content marketplace.